How to style a satin crape

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If you guys are familiar with my blog, then you should definitely know that I always talk about different trends of every season on my blog starting from the runway to the street style. Trends is not for everyone but there is no harm in trying out different styles. In this year satin is in huge trend. Designers like Gucci and Dior have showcased some satin items on their runway. In today’s post I will showcase how to style a simple satin crape with your basic pair of tees and jeans, and how it can instantly raise the same outfit to another level.

Styling Satin Crape

First of all, if you are not so daring like me, always style your items with something basic. This way the outfit will look classy and you will be more comfortable to carry on the entire look. Today I paired up this exotic satin crape with basic denim and white tank top as an overall. I loved the final outcome of the entire look as it was so simple and yet elegant. I wanted to pair the entire look with all gold accessories  as gold complemented the peach color of the crape. Starting with my big ear hoodies to my gold stilettos. I kept my makeup very bold with classic red lips and my signature winged liner. This way the actual styling of the entire outfit was nothing to fussy. You can carry this outfit in any day or night function, it will look stylish yet elegant.

Styling Satin Crape Styling Satin Crape Styling Satin Crape Styling Satin Crape Styling Satin Crape

Hope you guys loved it. If so then stay tuned, because lots more is coming your way. Anyways always be happy and until next time ,keep styling.

Styling your basic White Kurta

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Following my ‘New Year New Me’ I have decided to let go all my worries, and to enjoy my life to the fullest. So much so that I have extended my holiday season by planning a vacation to Kolkata. I will not ramble much, I will jump straight into today’s blog post. As you guys must be aware that it does not get so cold in Bangalore. Hence we really don’t get the opportunity of winter dressing, to flaunt our jumpers or sweaters. But being a fashionista, I couldn’t stop myself from wearing those thigh high boots which is in huge trend this season. I thought of styling my simple white kurta like a dress to team it up with my thigh high boots. Its sounds weird but trust me guys this combo is a bomb if you can put it together properly.
styling white kurta

It’s really very difficult to style a thigh high boots because if you aren’t dressed properly then it might cut you short. Here I am showcasing how to style a simple white kurta that perfectly complements your thigh high boots. I think we Indians own multiple white kurtas of different styles and shapes in our wardrobe. So why we have to always team them with basic jeans or leggings, we can think out of the box and be a little bit creative with our styling. So I came up with an idea if I can pair my white kurta with a waist belt then it will give the structure of a long top, which goes along with my distressed shorts. For my makeup I kept it very dewy with lots of highlighter on my high points of my face, classic red lips and winged liner. I paired a bold red Afghani earrings with this total look. As the total look was very neutral, so I thought of going with bold red lips and earring in order to add an element to the overall vibes of this look.
styling white kurta
styling white kurta
styling white kurta
styling white kurta
styling white kurta

So that’s a wrap up for me today. Keep in mind, in order to follow certain trend you don’t have to burn your wallets, rather you can customize your own style with the basics from your wardrobe. Hope to see you soon. Until then keep styling !!!

Winter Power Dress-up

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How was your holiday season???  I am sure you all had a blast and ended 2017 with lots of fun and excitement.  It was a fun filled holiday for me and I too enjoyed a lot with my loved ones.

We have stepped into 2018, and it’s going to be a “New Year New Me”. I want to step out of my comfort zone and would try to experiment with my style. I want to venture different types of fashion trends and will try to be bit more creative with my looks. If you have been following my blog, you guys would already know that I am firm believer of comfort before fashion, but this year I would want to keep that concept aside and try to keep on experimenting. The thing is If you will never be bold enough to try out different styles, you may be missing out on various styles which really suits you but you are unaware of it. Like for me, I have never been a hat person and always avoided it. This last season of 2017. I gathered my courage to finally purchase one and wear it out in public and finally realized that I can pull this style very easily( Idid get a lot of compliments) !!!  This blog post is dedicated to styling such an outfit that I would have never worn till date.

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Fashion trends of 2017’s winter

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Hope you guys are doing well. Sorry for being missing in action for the last month. There was lots of travelling and I was busy with some personal work. Now I am back  and shall be regular with my blog. As you guys know I am not a trend hoarder, rather I love my classics. But there is no offence in experimenting with your style or playing around with recent trends. May be you will find out some item so exclusive that it will fit into your wardrobe. Enough rambling, let’s start with today’s blog – the fashion trends that you will see all round this winter.

1. Baker boy hat
Enough of bennies, this year baker boy hats are ruling the fashion trends. This is the perfect combo of not so masculine and not too feminine, just in between type of item. Perfect for every frame of face, this hat can be the showstopper. Everyone should have this kind of accessories in their wardrobe which can change the complete look of the outfit and add that extra oomph factor.Not to mention it will also keep your head warm and cozy from the chilling winters.

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Transitional pieces for autumn

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It’s that time of the year again when you need to be layering your outfit. Autumn is the one season which is neither too hot nor too cold when you can pull up any outfit with some layering items. If you are one of them who loves layering, then this is your time of the year. In this post I will discuss about some essential transitional items that everyone should own in their wardrobe irrespective of any particular trends. These are all those pieces which are classy items and never goes out of style. In fact you can use those items for your Autumn wardrobe every year. So let’s dig into the post.

1. Trench coat
Trench coat comes first when you talk about layering. This is such a versatile item that you should own one or two pieces in your wardrobe. You can never go wrong with a good fitted trench coats. You can dress up or dress down your whole look by simply adding a trench coat. Be it a classy camel color trench or trendy pink color trench everyone should own it.
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My Fairy-tale Moment

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Who doesn’t love to dress up like a princess? From our childhood we girls are obsessed with Disney princesses. We often dream of having a 20 feet hair like Rapunzel or a shiny pair of shoes like Cinderella. These Disney princesses used to be the ultimate goal of our life – our fairy-tale moment. Far from the harsh reality everyone would love to escape off to the World of Disney.
White dress with Tiara

Today’s post is how I lived my princess moment in this cute white dress. No more rambling lets dive directly into the post and see how I have styled my princess inspired outfit.
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Three favourite pairs of white sneakers

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Right now I am in my hometown and enjoying  to the fullest. You must be aware of my obsession with sneakers especially white ones. While growing up I used to be a tomboy and would pair up everything with sneakers. This obsession is still here after so many years and why not? It’s so comfortable and effortless, trust me I prefer comfort over style. So I thought of sharing three most famous pairs of sneakers according to different ranges so that you guys can choose and buy according to your price point. As the white sneakers trend is huge from last few years and various brands are coming out with different styles, I thought this post will be very helpful for you guys.

1. Gucci sneakers
Gucci has made a comeback in the market with a bang. The most selling items was their signature white sneakers after their handbags. They first came out with the green and red stripe combo. After its huge hit they launched a range of white sneakers with bunch of different designs such as embroidered pattern, 3D pearl effects etc. These sneakers should be in every fashionistas wardrobe because it’s a one-time investment and it’s worth its value. Though it’s high on the price point but you will have a lots of wear out of it. Starting from your favourite bloggers or celebrities, we saw bunch of people rocking these sneakers with various outfit options because of its versatile feature.
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Makeup trends for fall 2017

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Well well well guess what’s cooking in my blog today? It’s none other than fall makeup trends of 2017. Being a makeup geek how can I skip this post. After reviewing fall fashion and shoe trends, it’s high time to choir down a post regarding the makeup trends of fall 2017. So without wasting any time lets drive straight into the blog post.

1. Cobalt blue
Cobalt blue is the colour of the season. Starting from fashion to makeup this colour is all over the runway. If you are quite daring and love to experiment with your makeup looks then you can opt out for cobalt blue smokey eyes or lips. But if your style is quite subtle yet you would like to incorporate this trend then you can go for blue colour mascara which will look quite edgy and at the same time not so bright and bold. You can also opt out for blue colour eyeliner or kohl pencil.Cobtal Blue eye makeup
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BohoBalika Look III

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Hope you guys are doing well. After a long time I thought of posting an Indo-Western look from my Bohoballika Series. As you all are aware, Durga Pujo is just around the corner and I thought of sharing this look with you all. If any one of you want to experiment with your look then this is what you need to try. Not so dramatic or anything, but quite an edgy and comfortable outfit that you can easily opt out for an Ashtami night out or for Nobomi Pandal hopping.

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Top 3 Designer Handbags of 2017

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Today I would like to discuss such a blog post which is very close to my heart. I have an emotional attachment with all my designer bags , as you already knew I am a designer bag freak. Everyone has different priorities in their life some like to invest their money on expensive car, buy houses or in an exclusive holidays but I like to invest my money on designer bags. Without any doubt you can say that being a fashion-holic I literally see all my money hanging in my closet in forms of clothes, shoes or bags. But one thing you guys should keep in mind before investing on any designer items is that whether it will be worth it or not, whether it will hold its value in the long run. I am writing this post in order to help you all to not repeat any mistakes like me before splurging such an amount of money on any designer item. I know we often get carried away with the pictures of our favorite bloggers posting on their Instagram with their favorite designer bags , but in reality we don’t know whether it will be a practical decision to invest on this bags or not. So this blog post is for all those ladies who will love to invest on designer bags which will be trendy and classy at the same time but will hold a lot of value in future. 

1. Dior
Dior is one of those few designers brand who ruled in 2017. For the past few years, Dior was not much in demand due to their not so exclusive designs. But this year they bounced back with flying colors.
First they had released ‘Dior Ever’ which is a total hit. It’s a top handheld bag. This is a very spacious bag which you can use both for your casual outing or work purpose.
Then they released ‘Diorama’ which is my favorite among them all. It’s a cross body bag, which is kind of similar to Chanel Boy Bag. If you are looking for a slightly cheaper option then you can easily go for diorama, as we all know Chanel prices are sky high. It’s a structured bag with minimum space perfect for any nights out and all.
Last but not least few months back they just released their bag J’adior’ which is also loved by all. It has a unique design because its handle is in the front part of the bag and you can use it as a wrist bag. It’s not so spacious bag but it gained its popularity for its unique design. All of these come in different sizes, you can pick up the size that suits you.

Dior Bags for 2017
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